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BOOK AND JACKET DESIGN | print: Book design for fine art museums, publishers and book packagers—to inspire and inform.

university of california, berkeley } sf digital studio: Sometimes a book is intended as a reference and conversation piece. Commissioned by the University of California Berkeley’s Asian Art Museum, the collaboration with a photography studio presented each image to its utmost advantage. Impressions of the East was noted as one of the 77th Annual California Book Award winners by the Commonwealth Club. Collecting Asia: East Asian Libraries in North America, 1868–2008 presents an in-depth chronicle of the 25 largest East Asian collections and libraries throughout North America, tracing their origins, history, and noteworthy contributions. Imagery and complex reference material was enhanced by a clean and minimal design.

weldon owen publishing: The Williams-Sonoma brand is built on an emotional foundation that speaks to those aspiring to a lifestyle of casual elegance. Our concept “brand book” was designed to support and extend this appeal. Photography: Maren Caruso Prop / food styling: Sara Slavin and George Dolese

ACADEMICA PRESS: An independent scholarly press specializing in monographs, revised dissertations, bibliographies, textbooks, and other books reflecting scholarship in the humanities and social sciences—publishing the very best material produced by the international academic community.

chronicle books: What visual elements will create the personality that appeals to the broadest range of gift book consumers? Presenting content with the most appropriate and appealing voice requires a special grace. Design of Secrets of Longevity: Laurie Dolphin