vineyard tales

Summer | The grapevine responds to the character of the land and the climate of a place. Vintners engage with its fruit so rooted in centuries of agricultural myth and history. Their intuition (alongside science and technology) guides in bringing the grape to the table—in this case, the glass—infused with everything from terroir to silky cassis to tangerine-lime over or undertones. We celebrate with, have conversation over, prepare and pare with this most meaningful of poetry…

While walking through late winter vineyards some months ago, I reflected on the many boxes, labels, corks, foils and every other kind of support material I’ve art directed and designed. I responded to the character of the land and the climate of the place. Crafting brand authenticity and meaning, partnering with lithographers and social media mavens to bring tales and trends to market—each vintner, winery, or brand manager compelled me to honor the land first, then the history and culture as referents.

manhattan stories

Summer | Walking through the streets of any city, I tend to watch where I’m stepping, look into shop windows left and right, see who I’m navigating towards and around. This time I happened to look up as well. Floating a few floors above me—a beautiful gown, pink and very ‘chiffoned’. I wondered if it was being aired from the evening before. On closer look, it was from many evenings before.

Stories began to unfurl. Was it intentionally forgotten? A painful memory of a disappointing rendezvous? Or playfully left as a creative muse (when was the last time you danced the night away in a chiffon gown)?

Stories—both visual and narrative—touch us. They spark curiosity. We connect with, or live through, a well-told story. In business, entrepreneurs with a compelling and authentic story inspire the trust that is needed to thrive. Visually, a perfectly presented cappuccino heart instantly touches and connects. And from the urban landscape, an unexpected pink gown recalled evenings when I did dance many a nights away (there’s a story there too).

notes from ‘on the land’

Spring | It happens. Something, for some reason, presents itself unexpectedly.

Originally, I planned to write about a little handmade book I had just finished—a lovely piece I titled Kind Words. Heartfelt, relevant, needed.

As I viewed the photographs of the book to post, I came across this one. And I stopped. Romantic and dreamy—an image slightly out of focus. I was so drawn to it—these blushing garden roses that had been informally placed in a jar. They accompanied a note left behind by someone. (I was spending the day working in a friend’s farm kitchen.) This simple still life, photographed in such haste, imperfect and not styled, without hesitation became April’s posting.