Summer | Walking through the streets of any city, I tend to watch where I’m stepping, look into shop windows left and right, see who I’m navigating towards and around. This time I happened to look up as well. Floating a few floors above me—a beautiful gown, pink and very ‘chiffoned’. I wondered if it was being aired from the evening before. On closer look, it was from many evenings before.

Stories began to unfurl. Was it intentionally forgotten? A painful memory of a disappointing rendezvous? Or playfully left as a creative muse (when was the last time you danced the night away in a chiffon gown)?

Stories—both visual and narrative—touch us. They spark curiosity. We connect with, or live through, a well-told story. In business, entrepreneurs with a compelling and authentic story inspire the trust that is needed to thrive. Visually, a perfectly presented cappuccino heart instantly touches and connects. And from the urban landscape, an unexpected pink gown recalled evenings when I did dance many a nights away (there’s a story there too).